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Addison Jones | Community Manager

Meet Addison, Our Greenville Guru!

Hailing from the heart of Greenville, our esteemed Community Manager, Addison, brings a wealth of local knowledge and eight years of multifamily expertise to our vibrant community. With three years of dedicated service at Greystar, he's not only a seasoned professional but also a true advocate for the Greenville lifestyle. Fueled by a passion for fostering community spirit, Addison is your go-to guide for all things downtown Greenville. Whether you're seeking the perfect spot for a laid-back evening at Nose Dive or craving the authentic flavors of Yee Haw Brewery, his insider recommendations will ensure you experience the city's pulse to the fullest. Beyond his dedication to providing exceptional living experiences, Addison cherishes his downtime with his beloved husband, Adam, and their three adorable pups: Boozer, Nalah, and Terrapin. Exploring Greenville's picturesque parks or enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Reedy River, their bond is a testament to the warmth and inclusivity that defines our community. When you choose to call our community home, you're not just gaining a place to liveโ€”you're joining a family curated by a Greenville native who understands the essence of Southern hospitality and the allure of our thriving city.

Say hello to Addison, our Greenville Guru, your trusted partner in creating memories that last a lifetime.

Dirk Irick | Service Supervisor Cover Image

Dirk Irick | Service Supervisor

Meet Dirk, Our Greenville Guardian!

A true son of Georgia who has called Greenville home for over four decades, Dirk brings a deep love for our city and a wealth of experience in commercial maintenance to his role as Service Supervisor. While new to the multifamily industry, his extensive background ensures that our community is in capable hands. Dirk's connection to Greenville runs deep, encompassing not just the city itself, but also the surrounding areas that make up our vibrant community. His appreciation for the diverse tapestry of our region is matched only by his commitment to ensuring its continued prosperity and growth. When he's not hard at work, Dirk treasures every moment spent with his beloved Wife, Lorie and Children, Lawson & Boyce. Their bond is a testament to the values of love, unity, and compassion that he holds dear. In addition to his dedication to his family, Dirk is a devoted missionary for the Bahamas, utilizing his resources to support and uplift the local communities in need. Dirk's altruistic spirit and commitment to giving back serve as an inspiration to us all. Whether he's lending a helping hand to our residents or making a difference in the lives of those halfway across the world, his selflessness and compassion shine brightly in all that he does.

Say hello to Dirk, our Greenville Guardian, and experience firsthand the positive impact he brings to our community each and every day.

Wayne Channer | Service Technician Cover Image

Wayne Channer | Service Technician

Meet Wayne, Our Greenville Islander!

Originally from the sunny shores of Kingston, Jamaica, Wanye's journey has taken him from the Caribbean to the heart of Greenville, where he shines as a cornerstone of our team. With an impressive twenty-one years in the multifamily industry, including a dedicated sixteen-year tenure with Greystar, Wayne brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence to every aspect of his role. Having been part of our property since its inception in 2017, Wayne knows every nook and cranny like the back of his hand. His dedication to ensuring the smooth operation of our community is unparalleled, and his tireless work ethic is a testament to his unwavering dedication to our residents' satisfaction. Outside of work, Wayne finds joy in spending quality time with his beloved Wife, Erica, and Children, Lashania, Autumn & Paige. Whether they're exploring the vibrant streets of Greenville or venturing into the surrounding cities, their bond is a source of strength and inspiration. Wayne's love for Greenville is evident in every interaction, and his willingness to go above and beyond to assist others is a reflection of his genuine kindness and generosity of spirit. Whether it's lending a helping hand with a maintenance issue or simply offering a friendly smile and word of encouragement, Wayne is always there when you need him.

Say hello to Wayne, our Greenville Islander, whose dedication and passion make our community a better place each and every day.